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2x12" Vinyl (180g. shr D 07.03.18
a mysterious new label launches with a double lp that ranges from ambient. house. 2-step. breaks and techno. this idea originated from collaborations that the artist had with musicians from different spectrums of the universe but by keeping an open mind and a positive attitude they were able to create music and a deeper respect and understanding for the others art form. opening themselves up to infinite possibilities outside the normal realm of the comfort zone. the relative positivity project will consist of solo projects as well as collaborations with people that have had a positive impact on the life of the artist.
Relative Positivity
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12" Vinyl () D 07.03.18
bar 25 music proudly presents this 12inch-ep from benno blomes forthcoming album >night shots<. including three remixes. remixed by dachshund from geneva and tigerskin from berlin. >white flag< is a deep tune. full of 909 drum sounds with a reduced melodic synth-line that sidles seductive through its performance. >we come in peace<. is pitched way down in dachshunds fantastic mix. in tigerskins version. it disappeared. instead layering the hook line into a warm. dubby groove monster. >spherical aberration< goes deep. yet remains pretty club-compatible in its original version. it has found a superb remix by jiggler from berlin. he is also known as one half of channel x. and is pushing the theme into its boundaries and is capable to set any floor on fire. this 4-track-vinyl ep is a preview in reference to bennos full length album >night shots<. to be released in february 2018. also on bar 25 music. stay tuned...
Bar 25 Music
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
joel forsberg is releasing his debut 12 sista chansen on the resopal label. an idiosyncratic mixture of yearning romance and hedonistic folly. joels tracks are blessed with a rhythm that suits his approach to dance music. not so much churning out floor fodder as creating timeless classics on his own terms. sista chansen ep offers lots of magical moments to unearth or discover.
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12" Vinyl NL 07.03.18
when daniel kyo was producing galaxy in his studio he stood up and felt it. following several months of what he calls a -musical reset-. he knew he d hit something special. after releasing music for a decade. core might be the boldest step in his career. a new identity in which all his influences finally come together into an absolutely fresh perspective. melodies are still the main driving force of the five cuts in galaxy . but the approach is more raw and heartfelt. injecting the kind of vivacity that determines if a track it s simply a product of it s time or if it becomes timeless. borrowing elements from the cosmic side of techno. the darkest corners of trance and the glacial atmospheres of synthwave. all of the tracks in this ep ooze the kind of immediacy and transcendence you can only find in the best 90 s dance music. driven by is interest in astronomy. daniel says he tried to achieve an -outer space feeling-. we can only add that embracing the void was never so gratifying. the 12- comes housed in a sleeve designed by barcelona-based artist alicia carrera.
Hivern Discs
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12" Vinyl FR 07.03.18
the ideological inspirer of slowdance – michael dop is making his debut on the label under a new name finetune. each composition comprises breathing groove and atmospheric melodies. the whole release conveys and emphasizes the mood and versatility of the musician. while the cover represents him as an artist.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.03.18
die italienische wahlbritin francesca lombardo (crosstown rebels) präsentiert uns hypnotischen techno auf ihrer brandneuen maxi für echoe und erntet auf anhieb begeisterungsstürme aus der internationalen dj-szene.
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
the pampa. filled with enigmatic lines and geoglyphs known as nazca. gives name to this record label. nazca records was created to collect the music that viracochas (beings of other worlds). shared with the ancient nazca people. known for their love for music. dance and nature. these recordings represent the music that was once played in another time and that will be played again in the future…they are the memories of the future. each vinyl and recording tells a story of the memories from each ceremony that took place in the pampa colorada. from music that was played. and of the figures and lines that the nazcas used to show their gratitude to the viracochas. maybe you’re wondering how its possible or how we were able to capture those recordings in nazca records to then press to vinyl. it has been discovered that if an intelligent or exotic species wanted to connect to others. they would use radio signals as they can travel any distance and require very little energy to send. the logical wave frequency to communicate would be 1420 megahertz. which is the frequency irradiated by the neutral hydrogen. when its atoms interact between each other. based on this info and knowing that hydrogen is the most abundant element in space. and after a lot of tries. in the end we were finally able to make the first contact with the viracochas! this third vinyl contains recordings of the viracocha thodoris triantafillou. a disc. a journey. a history. a contact narrated along 2 tracks and completed by the remix of one of the most famous viracochas remembered love over entropy.
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pic 12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
sid le rock. dave pad and anatoly ylotana are back to ylotana music with their new remixes for sex of insects.
Ylotana Music
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12" Vinyl FR 07.03.18
rené audiard delivers two tracks in between worlds for this ep. once again. his special approach left us with two out of the ordinary tracks. two long journeys where classical melodies and warm minimalistic beats come together. it s dark. yet beautiful.
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