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12" Vinyl UK 10.09.18
it doesn t get much bigger than this: adam beyer links up with green velvet and drumcode s outstanding rising star layton giordani for a debut collaboration. some musical partnerships feel fated. both fans of one another s work, for years adam beyer and green velvet had discussed writing music together. in turn, beyer s protégé layton giordani had admired the chicagoan s work for as long as he could remember. when the 25-year-old found himself playing alongside the green mohawked legend at belfast s shine, the spark and subsequent friendship was immediate. with the links now set in place, it was only a matter of time before the trio s creative chemistry would manifest musically. ‘space date was conceived organically and birthed quickly. propelled by green velvet s trademark vocal hypnotism, the triumvirate combine to craft a pumping intergalactic slice of techno laced in melody that s highlighted sets by beyer at awakenings, ushuaia and also edc vegas when green velvet dropped it to a raucous response. the track is complimented by rome future , the product of a year-long series of productions between beyer and giordani. deftly combining crisp drum work, catchy vocal effects and a powerful bassline melody that gives the track an almighty kick, it will be familiar to many who ve followed their sets over recent months.
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12" Vinyl D 10.09.18
italian legend francesco farfa debuts on memento with “synchronicity 13”, with remix honours and duties left to m.r.e.u.x. and the analogue cops. farfa s long-lasting original track is a dancefloor skyrocket designed with skilful craftmanship. the humonguos drums and the driving bass line stockpile the explosive potential of a synthetic flock of sound, eventually becoming unwordly bloops pierced by evocative strings. the analogue cops rework the evocative potential of the original with a raw jacking grab in their “dance of the condor remix”, anchoring a biting kick drum and an highly corrosive acid bass. finally, m.r.e.u.x delivers his “green trip mix”, a very effective minimalistic reinterpretation, built on pounding rhythms and hypnotic sequences.
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12" Vinyl D 10.09.18
brendon moeller offers up his set in motion ep on echocord sub-label echo echo this september, comprising three originals from the dub techno veteran. south africa, new york based producer and dj brendon moeller aka beat pharmacy/echologist has long been respected as one of the pioneering figures in ethereal, dubbed-out techno with regular appearances at global hot spots like fabric, berghain and cielo as well as releases on labels like third ear, kimochi, neovinyl and echocord. here though we see moeller joining the roster of the latter’s sublabel echo echo, marking its fourth release. title-track set in motion leads with brendons signature murky synth textures at its core whilst lumpy low-end tones, shuffled hats and spiraling dub echoes fluidly undulate amongst one another throughout. eastern beach follows, and as the name would suggest, nods towards brighter sounds with airy pads, soft bell chime synths and pulsating subs driving the composition alongside swinging, heavily reverberated percussion. economy then closes the package, stripping things back to gritty dub stabs, dusty 4/4 drums and billowing noise sweeps.
Echo Echo 004
Echo Echo
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12" Vinyl D 10.09.18
rawax proudly welcomes alexkid to the family! we couldn t be happier with alexis debut. the bedroom ep is a great trippy techno journey from minimal to electro.
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12" Vinyl D 10.09.18
!! vinyl only !! incl hector moralez remix & locked grooves
Involuntary Movement
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12" Vinyl D 10.09.18
after offering-up paratrooper as part of dj tennis recent dj kicks, the israeli duo red axes arrive on life and death for an original ep. sami is a post-moondog shamanic tribal trip, while round combines dilapidated post-goa electronics with just the right amount of cowbells and guitars psych. vego is a lo-if western spaghetti full of tape delays and amplifiers sauce while pulse waves and wind blows on a big russian bell at the title track kalacol. a record that could only come from niv and dori another reconfiguration of the life and death mausoleum.
Life and Death
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