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12" Vinyl D 09.10.18
rawax welcomes marlon hoffstadt to the artist family! the berlin based producer will present two ep s in the near future. starting in april with the -real-time experience-. a great space techno ep!
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12" Vinyl D 09.10.18
pleasure zone welcomes bmw to the family! dont worry we didnt start to produce cars now :) bmw stands for christian (b)urkhardt, (m)eat & chris (w)ood. the offenbach/ frankfurt based trio teamed up and delivered us a very good debut release, called like children ep. the right mood for the late summer season.
Pleasure Zone
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12" Vinyl UK 09.10.18
collectors item! yes, one hundred! wow! morris audio s 100th release is a milestone for one of the most productive labels from switzerland. morris audio started 18 years ago, the sublabel morris audio citysport 15 years ago. with a total of more than 150 releases, the labels have been making their marks by presenting different types of electronic music, from techno to minimal to deep house with everything in between. combining established producers and youngsters, morris audio has an impressive artist roaster. remember the likes of dub taylor, jackmate, hakan lidbo, burnski, till von sein, kris wadsworth, iron curtis, oli furness, dash dude, tom ellis & leif or brame just to name a few? the label has been club and home entertainment for years and we celebrate this 100th release with two parts of well crafted tech/house tunes. part 2 is -global house- and features zito mowa (south africa), homeboy shaka (switzerland), and morris lads souichiro masutomi (japan) and italia 90 (uk).
Morris Audio
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12" Vinyl UK 09.10.18
a much in demand reissue of two of nyc born-and-bred, pal joeys, classics from his joint label with reynald deschamps, loop dloop. first up, party time which harnesses that 90s nyc underground house energy with a rawness that was to emanate through many of pal joeys subsequent productions. scalpel in hand, joey expertly crafted this sample laden groover, his trademark stuttering, off-kilter rhythms, loops and fills keeping listeners on their toes throughout, never knowing how the next phrase might unfold. on the flip, raw love utilises a seminal disco classic as its main sample source, looping it in a way only pal joeys mind knows how, adding percussive hits and extra effects to create an innovative, animated and exhilaratingly rhythmic dancefloor bomb. both tracks are perfect examples of the simplicity and seeming effortlessness that pal joey maintains in his productions, adhering to the mantra that less is more but with a resonating rawness that touches deep down in the soul.
Loop D Loop
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12" Vinyl D 09.10.18
upcoming french producer matthieu faubourg, who has worked extensively with guys like dj boring and black loops, is firing up this heavy 12- on -smile for a while.- stripped down house bangers all the way - from more laid-back, synth-oriended stuff over to some 90s-tingled house groover, ending up with a frantic 6 a.m. anthem on the b-side this ep is all you need to keep your floor dancing till the end of the year...
Smile for a While
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12" Vinyl UK 09.10.18
executive producers: brett wilcots, jim stivers & graham carlton produced by kevin dixon & frank youngwerth / a1 mixed by larry heard originally released in 1990 / official repress 2018 groovin recordings licensed courtesy of brett wilcots
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4x12" Vinyl D 09.10.18
strictly limited 4x 12 inch vinyl , pure dj jauche , berlin house music all night long
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