Artefakt - DAYS BYGONE


12 Inch

Delsin / DSR/INT1

Front View : Artefakt - DAYS BYGONE - Delsin / DSR/INT1
Back View : Artefakt - DAYS BYGONE - Delsin / DSR/INT1

Lush start by the crafty duo Artefakt for Delsins Interstellar Series.

Nick Lapien and Robin Koek's latest collaborative album, Days Bygone, helps launch Delsin's Interstellar series as they continue to explore beyond the dancefloor trappings of conventional techno to create a body of work steeped in mystery. Although not totally devoid of percussion, Artefakt shift their focus away from dominant drums and lean on the keys and pads to map out the landscape each track traverses. Sometimes furtive and suggestive, elsewhere pearlescent and diffused across great expanses, it's these striking, sublime formations which define the atmosphere Lapien and Koek have created - a textured, dynamic exercise in techno as internalized listening music.
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