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Front View : V-Neck - THE LOST RECORDINGS - EMOTE / MOT0007
Back View : V-Neck - THE LOST RECORDINGS - EMOTE / MOT0007

Following on from the repress of the Auto EP, V-Neck delve deep into their archives and give us 6 deep unreleased cuts. If you re into mid to late 90s mutant dub coming from the likes of Kevin Martins Techno Animal project, On-U Sound and Sabre s Of Paradise then this is for you. Also nicely ties in with what labels like Bokeh Versions and artists like Ossia are doing at the moment.

Following the reissue of the V-Neck EP Auto, Emote have sprung back to life with some lost DAT recordings of the band from the late 1990s.

These semi live recordings made at the Spike Studios in Fulham where a back to basics project and a deliberate move away, from computer programmed music.

The project was heavily influenced by the albums Drastic Season by African Head Charge and Get Up With It by Miles Davis. The tracks contain an array of random procession instruments ranging from African pianos to kitchen utensils, vintage synth tones and drones are provided by an Arp Odyssey and a Korg MS-20

The tracks where then recorded on to a 8 track real to real AKAI X-1810D

By the time the delayed Dub Fiction album came out in 2000 the duo had decided to go their separate ways and the project was abandoned.

Your record collection will have to be modestly far out not to find this record modestly far out!

Supported by Alex Night (Fat Cat Records) and Chloe Alice Frieda (Alien Jams) [info sheet from distr.]
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