Houschyar - TEMMUZ



12" Vinyl FR

Macadam Mambo / MMLP7007

Front View : Houschyar - TEMMUZ - Macadam Mambo / MMLP7007
Back View : Houschyar - TEMMUZ - Macadam Mambo / MMLP7007

ltd to 500 , be fast

After starting to build his reputation featuring on different compilations like the Sofa Elsewhere LVI, shelTer, Risks Issues Opportunities and at first the punkish electronic Danzas Electricas Vol.2, Houschyar is on to deliver his debut album on Macadam Mambo.

Originally from Dresden (DE) and now based in Istanbul, Marius (his real name) has made his experience in different places in East Europe, studying Fine Art and developing his skills and senses for music, to let emerge a singuliar style influenced by special electronic genres like Minimal-Synth, Berlin School, Krautrock, Electro and never too far from Punk.

Produced in his living room in Ömer Hayyam - Tarlabasi, « Temmuz » must be taken as the soundtrack of a night ride through Istanbul by a warm summer night. Houschyar succeed to catch with brio the intriguing vibe of the turkish city, developing tension and mystery in a deep immersion full of rhythms, synthetizers and guitar effects. Probably one of the highlights of 2020, don't miss! 500 copies. [info sheet from distr.]
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