Sascha Dive


12" Vinyl D

Bondage Music / BOND12052

Front View : Sascha Dive - DETROIT SUNRISE (180 G VINYL ONLY) - Bondage Music / BOND12052
Back View : Sascha Dive - DETROIT SUNRISE (180 G VINYL ONLY) - Bondage Music / BOND12052

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Vinyl Only, 180Gr Pressing

Sascha Dive was last spotted on Bondage-Music earlier this year with the deep hypnotic pulses of ‘Dark Night’ on ‘Bondage Games 5’. So it’s fitting he returns with ‘Detroit Sunrise’ and, as sure as day follows night, it’s every bit as deep, pulsing and hypnotic as you’d expect from the Frankfurt craftsman…
His first full EP for the Leipzig label, we open with real talk. ‘Detroit Sunrise’ warms up with broad, swinging drums, rippling textures and a crucial spoken word sample every single one of us should consider. It sets the scene for two classic Dive deep adventures as both ‘Dub Chronicles #1’ and ‘Dub Chronicles #2’ both roll out with subtlety and understatement. Layered, absorbing and endless; timeless tools made for those deep mix moments of magic.
Last but not least, we end on an upbeat. ‘Ghostdancer’ takes more of a sprightly, light-footed note with an upward-spiralling arpeggiated riff, gentle ebb and flow chords and a light peppering of cosmic flurries. Ghoulishly good. Like all things by Dive and Bondage-Music. Don’t get tied down, get tied up…
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