Twoonky - DEZZO



12" Vinyl FR

Macadam Mambo / MMLP5005

Front View : Twoonky - DEZZO (LP) - Macadam Mambo / MMLP5005
Back View : Twoonky - DEZZO (LP) - Macadam Mambo / MMLP5005

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File under: New-Wave, No-Wave, Industrial, Krautrock, Post-Punk

The italian brothers duo behind Two Monkeys and Spettro club in Brescia, Michele & Simone Bornati, delivers a very special album made of dusty drum machines, acoustic sounds, unstable noise oceans, hypnotic synths, broken saxophones, crazy frog legs, and sparkling water with rhythms structured on 80's post-punk industrial music, in the extravagances of no-wave, krautrock, and the freak-out of contemporary electronic culture. TRIPPY! [info sheet from distr.]
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