Volta Cab - RISE AGAIN

Volta Cab


12" Vinyl NL

Bordello A Parigi / BAP106

Front View : Volta Cab - RISE AGAIN (2LP) - Bordello A Parigi / BAP106
Back View : Volta Cab - RISE AGAIN (2LP) - Bordello A Parigi / BAP106

Temperatures are dropping and we re all feeling the effects. Bordello A Parigi is letting the cold winds of the north swirl inside its doors with Russia s Volta Cab bringing a fresh 2LP to the table. A spread of influences come together for the eleven tracks of Rise Again. Take -Emerald s Phantasy-, a piece built on layers of percussion that blends elements of disco with notes of techno. -Dark Room- is a different affair. Arctic chords are cut with electro and distant vocals for an unsettling treat. -Kruger- stomps to a terse beat before lush pads bloom in a work that builds to dizzying peaks. Warm blasts balance these colder moments, the rich grooves of -Savage Fury-, the floor filling funk of -Board Scandinavia- and the removed romance of -Sweet Exorcist- all show another shade to the Volta Cab sound and of course there s more. Rise Again is an audio collection of vibrant colours and hues, tracks pitch from icy blues to autumnal ambers and fiery reds, a musical kaleidoscope that stretches across a spectrum of styles.

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