Ricco, Pletnev, Ju-Ju83, Roe Deers, Markus Gibb - VARIOUS ARTISTS 1

Ricco, Pletnev, Ju-Ju83, Roe Deers, Markus Gibb


12" Vinyl FR


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First release in a series of four compilations, which includes international artists of the slow-industrial, tribal and experimental scene. Lyon based new label Kump presents a stunning debut with a 5 tracks vinyl compilation. Opening with new project Ricco by label boss himself Markus Gibb and french producer Jutix aka HLM38, Gilbert & George would be the perfect soundtrack of an immersive nightmare in slow motion. Distorted hats and ghosty voices from the graves surronding by detuned guitar and discreet acid cuts. Followed by a Middle East psychedelia inspired, Pletnevs Thinder fit in the perfect definition of a dusty weapon. Mystic melodies and mesmerizing bass for suave basement parties. Turn over, Ju-Ju83 is flirting with depression and nihilism. Untimely End takes you to an obscure journey in the 80s with this new-wave-ish banger. Where drum machines hangs out with rock bass and dying voice. Nirvana by lithuanian producer Roe Deers is a subby minimalist down tempo triplet drive by weird-melodic synths. Killing the codes, this is truly musical rollercoaster for insensible souls. Last breath with Markus Gibb, his Dernier Souffle is a shamanic ambient and subliminal Eno-ish track. Ethereal grace synths and smoky reverberations, this is the track to cross the nevada desert, psychotropes loaded
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