Quadratschulz - WW303


WW303 (2LP)

2x12" NL

Shipwrec / Shiplp06

Front View : Quadratschulz - WW303 (2LP) - Shipwrec / Shiplp06
Back View : Quadratschulz - WW303 (2LP) - Shipwrec / Shiplp06

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Quadratschulz delivers his debut album -WW303-. Ten tracks make up this vision, a vision of lazers, pulsing neon and gleaming chrome. Arcade game memories. Curls of acid. Electrofunk vocals. Synth wave chic. And even some past greats. All are lovingly folded together in this rich and diverse collection. Styles are juxtaposed. 303 bars throb and strings soar in the lilting -Der rasende Roland- whereas -Robotic Dancer- struts to a future-world funk. Quadratschulz sculpts his sound with a wonderfully warm and autumnal quality, as in the cascading synth showers of Ferrofluid. Yet there are colder moments, the frigid flows of Kran sprouting into the chilly house tones of Piloten. a Tribute to the groundbreaking LFO is also included. Bleep festooned chicanery is the offering as Ring The Bell takes you back to the infamous warehouse parties of 90s Britain. And if that weren t enough, the 2LP also comes with downloads for some cracking remixes by DMX Krew, Andreas Gehm, Kettel, Chris Moss Acid and Posthuman to name but a few. A wide angle view of Quadratschulz s unique sound.

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