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Shipwrec / Ship026

Front View : Ochre - ISOLETTE (ROEL FUNCKEN REMIX) - Shipwrec / Ship026
Back View : Ochre - ISOLETTE (ROEL FUNCKEN REMIX) - Shipwrec / Ship026

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Christopher Scott Leary Aka Ochre Is Someone Who Has Established Himself Via His Own Means, Namely His Own Bandcamp Page, As Well As On Labels Like Baselogic, Toytronic, With A Stunning Lp In 2004, Benbecula. As Such, Dutch Label Shipwrec Have Snapped Him Up For A Fantastic New Ep That Showcases His Style, Which Touches On Ambient And Downtempo As Well As Lushly Melodic Electronica, In All Its Glory.

Sales Information:

Like the last release, this vinyl comes lovingly prepared with a special sleeve designed by Nathaniel Reeves and is the sort of thing those who admire Boards of Canada will need in their collections. Up first on this EP is 'Paper Unicorn,' a grandiose bit of classically informed ambient made from glassy tinkles, sweeping synths and heavenly pads. 'Ark of Comfort' is a more charming bit of music, littered with synths and pads, chords and piano keys that all glow and glisten. 'Hivernal' is again a clean and crisp combination of digital sounds and synthetic textures that lurch and stretch in many directions at once. It fires your every synapse and 'Infinite Bookends' then gets all sombre insular and sensitive, with lots of open space and heavenly musical progressions.'Glassmaker ' is the most danceable cut here, with fierce drums, many layers of interlocked synths and then a Roel Funcken remix repurposes the thing as a dishevelled, broken and distorted bit of angry sound design. Fans of abstract otherworldly sound and digital textures will find lots to love here. [txt from ]

Josh Wink (Ovum)
Been a fan of Ochre for a while! And this is right on spot for his production style!

Darko Esser (Doornroosje)
Gorgeous release on one of NL's finest imprints!

Kirk Degiorgio (ART)
Hivernal - reminds me of old Hefner releases.

Fabrice Lig (Planet E)
Ark of Comfort, Hivernal, Glassmaker...Superb tracks ! Anyway all the tracks are good !

Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808)
very nice atmosphere, can't wait to give it a proper listen

Lakker / Eomac (R&S, Killekill)
Paper Unicorn is gorgeous. Put a huge smile on my face.

Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate)
cool stuff but not really for my sets thanks!

Gingy (Clone)
hivernal's the one for me. paper unicorn for long drives as well.

AnD (Horizontal Ground, Inner Surface Music)
Ochre has always made interesting music, thanks!

Clara Moto (InFiné)
Very beautiful! Love paper unicorn

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show)
All around great release. Hard to pick favorite.

Surgeon (Dynamic Tension)
Paper Unicorn for me

DJ Billy Nasty (Tortured & Electrix Records)
Super interesting stuff here, Shipwrec doing top work as usual!!

Vince Watson (Bedrock / Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba)
Surprised at some of the reactions to this. I think this more than deserves another play...and listen a bit deeper :) Paper Unicorn is beautiful, and Hivernal is proper Plaid inspired chord changing. Some really quality musicianship on display here...but perhaps its not what people were expecting. Listen again troops!

Santiago Salazar (Historia y Violencia)
'Hivernal' and 'Glassmaker' are masterpieces!

Circular Rhythms (Scenery)
The Glassmaker remix is my favourite

Roland Appel
paper unicorn is the one for me...

Necta Selecta (Eat Music)
Lush querky & melodic vibe, thanks !

Giles Armstrong
glassmaker is the deal breaker :)

Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner)
glassmaker is gorgeous

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