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12" Vinyl ES Pre sale
the release starts off with wolfhart, a stripped back groove and exquisitely delayed elements will sure get things going.
next up is ording, named after a city in northeast germany, its dubbed infused chords will take you on an expansive mind trip.
on b side, tschi comes in with some playful hi hats and other wordly sounds that will satisfy the most discerning palates. to round of the ep we get a rework from the master steve o sullivan, which needless to say, needs no introduction.
Hyperspace Records
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12" Vinyl ES 19.02.18
this release comes with some island vibes from ibiza duo 2vilas. release starts strong with rais, a powerhouse intended for peak time hours - guaranteed to blow up any dance floor. the remix from funk e comes in with some laid back romanian grooves and a dreamy pad that sets up the vibe nicely. on the flip side we have some more balearic grooves, mnml provides a nice mood for those late mornings. to round off the ep, we have a special tool, sure to get things going in any kind of situation.
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12" Vinyl ES 19.06.17
the second installment for the label comes from sheffield based artist tommy vicari jnr. the ep starts with always be here, track which gives the release the name and sets up the mood with an uplifting vibe. rudow explores more esoteric realms, bringing you into deeper states of mind. ramshackles ventures into more dub influenced territory, expansive chords and a twisted beat make it a monster in big sound systems. untoucome closes the ep with a heavy bassline, sprinkled with some tripped out sounds making it perfect for a closing trip.
Hyperspace Records
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12" Vinyl ES 22.12.16
the debut release for the label is inspired from lingering between different realities. the original cut of bardo starts the release perfectly with a groovy bass and delayed atmospheric sounds, on point for self inner exploration. ed herbst &#769,s version brings some of his innate talent as a beatmaker. forward moving bass, crisp percussions and expansive sounds, make it perfect for the the late hours. on the flip side, han delivers a tool with layered percussions that are accompanied by futuristic sounds creating a solid groove that will keep you locked in. nick beringer delivers a superb remix of tamed, raw elements and tripped out sounds all along the track make this a dance floor bomb.
Hyperspace Records
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