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12" Vinyl D 17.03.19
developer is back!
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12" Vinyl D 19.12.18
grooving techno vibes by juxta position
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12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
juxta position returns once more to his own imprint with two slices of epic techno. kinaesthesia is a subtle tool track with added depth, as waves of synth chords wash over deep percussion in increasing intensity. barrier block however hits straight between the eyes, with its fusion of varying styles. a half breakbeat rhythm section builds in intensity before an early 90ís frankfurt influenced melodic synth construction reveals itself, culminating in a spectacular crescendo. two more essential cuts for your box, do not miss!
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12" Vinyl D 22.05.17
following on from the very robust debut of his own label failsafe, juxta position deviates back to the more melancholic aesthetic with which he initially made his mark back in 2013 on mistress recordings. drawing palpable influence from ambient electronica like boards of canada, he then reframes the aesthetic, with the help of rhythmic anchoring, on the 12 minute opening opus eureka. however, not to disappoint lovers of the slightly harder, more uptempo, electronic beat, the flip then dishes up two significantly more pressurised techno pieces, the former made in belgrade more linear, the latter reimagined more flamboyant.
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12" Vinyl D 30.01.17
failsafe is a new label created by, and primarily for the release of, material by juxta position, whos output was previously featured on rhythm nation, and on dvs1s mistress recordings imprint. juxta position first came to the attention of the electronic music world in 2013, with the release of juxta position vol 1 on mistress. this debut release contained the widely popular track mercy, which was featured on midlands ra mix, licensed to deetrons fabric 76 dj mix release, and found its way into the crates of many different djs across the spectrum of house and techno. inaugurating the first failsafe release, juxta position delivers two slices of upfront hypnotic techno, custom made for cutting edge djs to provide maximum dancefloor damage.
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12" Vinyl D 10.07.17
juxta position flexes his techno muscles over these four cuts of idm influenced dancefloor weapons. previously featured on dvs1s mistress recordings, rhythm nation and his own failsafe imprint, the gloves come off on his release for developers modularz imprint. razor sharp percussion grapples with melancholic synth lines, whilst serious sub bass shifts much air and shimmering moods filter across the mid range. play it loud!
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