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12" Vinyl D 18.02.19
strong techno our-tracker by len faki
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12" Vinyl D 19.12.18
grooving techno vibes by juxta position
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12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
next up in this ongoing split-ep series are two equally talented producers from different ends of the spectrum, both sharing their unique viewpoints on that special dreamspace of self-awareness and how the way there actually sounds like! following his explosive figure-ep just this recent summer, juxta position now reveals his more sublime side on these two technoid journeys. keeping it raw and beautiful, the analogue lover lets his synths engage in dialogue, floating through murky realms and simply getting lost in the groove. a new face for figure and definitely one to watch is pablo mateo. taking a likewise subtle yet distinctly more grounded approach, his tunes unfold slowly and each tell their entirely own storyline. tomo is an extraordinary specimen of how a track grows past its confines, into something genuinely touching and can eventually open up that space inside and what lies beyond!
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12" Vinyl D 04.06.18
a man of many alias, the multi-faceted talent behind juxta position finally finds his way to figure, leaving us an eps worth of highly infectious, acid-festered analogue techno runs. feeding on the raw and dynamic energy of live hardware production, these jams hit the sweet spot where constant modulation and spontaneous changes transform a bunch of loops into something much more than the sum of its parts. whether its a bouncy ride around the rings of saturn with elixir, the frantic sledge hammer-assault of stepping, cascading down into the machines bowels on automated reproduction, or the non-stop, all-out overdrive that is pestered - every track on this record takes on a whole life of its own, making for some seriously potent dj-weapons!
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10.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
juxta position returns once more to his own imprint with two slices of epic techno. kinaesthesia is a subtle tool track with added depth, as waves of synth chords wash over deep percussion in increasing intensity. barrier block however hits straight between the eyes, with its fusion of varying styles. a half breakbeat rhythm section builds in intensity before an early 90s frankfurt influenced melodic synth construction reveals itself, culminating in a spectacular crescendo. two more essential cuts for your box, do not miss!
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 19.07.17
modularz presents a special edition release taking a bit of a different approach to whole getting deeper and focusing on the details that make it happen on the floor ! this is a solid 4 track techno banger written and produced by juxta position who was previously featured on dvs1 s mistress recordings, rhythm nation and his own failsafe imprint, the release displays great razor sharp percussion with melancholic synth lines, whilst serious sub bass shifts much air and shimmering moods filter across the mid range. this is another one of those never leaves the bag eps play it loud!!
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12" Vinyl D 22.05.17
following on from the very robust debut of his own label failsafe, juxta position deviates back to the more melancholic aesthetic with which he initially made his mark back in 2013 on mistress recordings. drawing palpable influence from ambient electronica like boards of canada, he then reframes the aesthetic, with the help of rhythmic anchoring, on the 12 minute opening opus eureka. however, not to disappoint lovers of the slightly harder, more uptempo, electronic beat, the flip then dishes up two significantly more pressurised techno pieces, the former made in belgrade more linear, the latter reimagined more flamboyant.
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8.79 EUR
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12" Vinyl D 23.03.17
aus welcome back label favourite shenoda for his third release on the label, burn backed with a remix from juxta position. previous releases on hypercolour & electric minds have seen shenoda firmly on the ascent but its in his recent outings on aus that his bold, rugged club music has really reached its zenith. burn follows suit with its predecessors with its power being rooted in seismic, analogue drums that are balanced against soft, allaying melodies. the muscular vista then rolls out punching stabs and tight, shuffling drums before label mate marquis hawkes dusts off his juxta position alias and delivers a pacey and forthright take on burn. melodies are softly mangled and given a spectral quality that recalls his mazury on dvs1s mistress wrapping another solid addition to the catalogue as the aus music family continue to deliver the goods.
Aus Music
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.01.17
failsafe is a new label created by, and primarily for the release of, material by juxta position, whos output was previously featured on rhythm nation, and on dvs1s mistress recordings imprint. juxta position first came to the attention of the electronic music world in 2013, with the release of juxta position vol 1 on mistress. this debut release contained the widely popular track mercy, which was featured on midlands ra mix, licensed to deetrons fabric 76 dj mix release, and found its way into the crates of many different djs across the spectrum of house and techno. inaugurating the first failsafe release, juxta position delivers two slices of upfront hypnotic techno, custom made for cutting edge djs to provide maximum dancefloor damage.
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 17.03.16
heavy grooving club friendly techno tracks by juxta position who as usual delivers fine quality techno thats oozing warm vibes! another strong release by rhythm nation. recommended!!!
Rhythm Nation
in stock
9.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.12.15
special summer deal! perfect, from detroit schooled funky to minimalist jacking techno set
Mistress Recordings
in stock
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12" Vinyl D 10.12.13
european manufacturing, wonderful, diverse, refreshing house ep.
Mistress 002
Mistress Recordings
out of stock
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 17.03.15
specials : 4x stl locked groove remixes - only second time he has done remixes in his career! and first time in the history of vinyl that original tracks were abstracted into locked groove remixes!
a quest for form which is never static and accompanied by two constants - repetition and reduction. reduction requires repetition in order to make the intangible tangible for man. this repetition also stimulates our perception and helps us find an inner self while illuminating towards the primal thought. another synonym for *intangible* is *not human* - for the most reductive of primal thoughts, sprung from fractal chance, does not deal with human beings but with a formal language that is universal, drawing from the innermost, and only becomes tangible in accidental, fortuitous moments.
Les Points
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17.99 EUR *
4x12" Vinyl D 21.09.18
4x12inch set, special 15th anniversary edition, with special deluxe 4 gatefold, shrink wrapped incl download card celebrating its 15th anniversary as well as the monolithic catalogue 100, figure releases a gem-packed compilation featuring 15 artists who are shaping the current sound of the label.
out of stock
40.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.03.18
inside out is a brand new series that invites djs and producers to blur the boundaries between traditional artist albums and mix compilations. coming from aus music label head and dj-kicks curator will saul, the concept encourages artists to showcase their own music and or the music of those in their own individual circles. the mix will be release digitally and on cd, while a selection of the tracks will also be available on double gatefold vinyl. each instalment will feature 100% new and unreleased music. it is a chance for artists to take sole creative charge, a&r as they see fit and then commission brand new music specifically for the cause. depending on who is at the helm, inside out will take different forms: producers may wish to represent their own sound with only music they have made themselves or with close collaborators, while djs and label heads may wish to reflect the sounds and scenes that surround them. the results will be a window into an artists world that works as a coherent mix, but also as a treasure trove of fresh new music that steps outside the usual lines of a dance album. the idea stems from will sauls own approach in the club, which often finds him seeking out brand new and unheard music to play for the first time. that feeling of taking people into the unknown is one that reminds him of the energy and excitement of his early days as a dancer.
Aus Music
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KNOE 2/3
12" Vinyl UK 24.03.17
over 3 years ago, casey tucker was thrust into the limelight after 15 years in the shadows. never truly getting the recognition for is detroit influenced and post rave sound in the 90s, for those that knoe reissued some of casey s classic material and unearthed some gems on dat in 2013. fast forward to the current day and a recent treasure trove was uncovered and some fresh dats untouched since the late 90s were discovered! ben promptly bought a dat player on ebay and shipped it to casey s home for the un-dusting to commence. fttk has worked with casey to present another round of authentic material spread across a further three eps. the track carpet dancer has been in demand since the fine balance recordings gained deserved attention. originally featuring as the a side on the very first fine balance ep, it evokes all of the emotions that caseys music can muster. juxtaposition is a slower groovy effort with meandering chords, trademark fizzy percussion and topped off with a lush string finale. whatever comes to mind rounds off the ep with a rolling percussive bassline, delicate arps and smooth sweeping pads.
For Those That Knoe
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.03.15
special summer deal! superb, diverse, driving dj tool techno set.
Mistress Recordings
in stock
7.99 EUR *
cd D 05.04.18
inside out is a brand new series that invites djs and producers to blur the boundaries between traditional artist albums and mix compilations. coming from aus music label head and dj-kicks curator will saul, the concept encourages artists to showcase their own music and or the music of those in their own individual circles. the mix will be release digitally and on cd, while a selection of the tracks will also be available on double gatefold vinyl. each instalment will feature 100% new and unreleased music.
Aus Music

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 26.59)
in stock
13.99 EUR *
cd UK 27.06.14
in seinem tadellosen fabric-set führt uns der schweizer maestro deetron durch unterschiedlichste sounds, styles & szenen. chicago- & detroit-klassiker, moderne tunes von jungen shootingstars, straighter techno und eine serie an leftfield-diversionen machen dieses kaleidoskopische mixset zu einem puren vergnügen, dem der deep-digger-dj von anfang bis ende seinen unverwechselbaren stempel aufdrückt.
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15.99 EUR *
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