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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.17
what started out as a simple email exchange between a young, hungry beatmaker and a seasoned player in the worlds of jazz and midwestern indie hip-hop, has resulted in a vibrant record nearly a decade in the making. on one side of let it out sits miles bonny, a long time musical collaborator who spent his youth soaking in powerful musical moments in nyc under the tutelage of his trumpet-slinging father, francis bonny, and later as a teen immersed in new york s busy indie-hip-hop scene. as he grew up miles cemented himself a niche in the midwest, most notably in lawrence, kansas where tireless forays into beatmaking led to the founding of the much-loved innatesounds crew and record label, as well as a series of solo releases and collaborative projects.
Bastard Jazz
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7" Vinyl UK 21.07.17
after a string of releases on melting pot music, plane jane and yoruba soul vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist miles bonny returns to the bastard jazz family for a special one off 7inch paying homage to the purple one, covering prince s dear mr. man, a track that couldnt be more timely considering the state of the world. miister man goes for the jugular with a low slung drum break, a deep synth bassline, miles signature understated funky vocal growls and horn injections. the instrumental is included on the flip.
Bastard Jazz
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12" Vinyl D 30.11.09
super soul 12 inch from the cgn/kcmo connection. the cologne based producer team the ins (twit one & friends) has teamed up with miles bonny from kansas city for a 3 track 12 inch.
>j.birly< is a cover of the jerry butler classic >just because i really love you< as used by dilla for the >luv u< beat on the >donuts< album. jerry butler was the original lead singer of the impressions alongside curtis mayfield.
>lumberjack soul< aka >the miles bonny theme song< was recorded at the treehouse studio in cologne, during miles european tour this summer. produced by testiculo y uno (= hulk hodn + twit one).
>breakfast< was also recorded at the treehouse and features fleur on the second verse.
this is the second release by the ins. the first one was the 7 inch >i m still waiting / fall in love< - two covers of bob marley and slum viallage feat. mariama and fleur earth.
Melting Pot Music
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12" Vinyl UK 18.11.15
steeped in house history it was only a matter of time until the next next generation of chicago house artist came to the forefront of the genre. luckily were friends with them. classic music company presents chicago nouveaux brings together the new-breed collective of exceptionally talented chicago-based artists on a single release. shaun j wright & alinka contribute wangs on broadway and ‘matters of the heart, the latter coming with a remix courtesy of smart bar’s own the black madonna while chrissy drops join me with miles bonny on vocals, complete with a re-edit for the one & only rahaan. this is about as chi as it gets.
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2x cd UK 26.03.18
for over a decade, defected miami mix albums have brought together the best new underground house music, championing upcoming talent and highlighting material from established artists. defected miami 2018 continues the tradition of forecasting the records that will soundtrack the miami winter music conference and go on to remain playlist fixtures for tastemaker djs throughout the summer. diving right in with the sunshine-ready beats, riton & kah-lo fake i.d., the collaborators follow-up to their grammy nominated rinse & repeat, sets the tone for the opening quarter, maintaining the high energy through to first lady sam divines joint effort with cassimm, what god has chosen. it wouldnt be a miami album without some soaring vocals, delivered by kandace springs on the latest kings of tomorrow anthem ‘faded’ (sandy rivera classic mix) and by the gospel-powered dames brown on sophie lloyds calling out. more direct club-focussed highlights include rapson featuring nathan thomas heat (scott diaz remix) and claptone featuring ben duffy in the night, taken from the berlin hit makers forthcoming album fantast. mella dees future hit techno disco tool provides jumping tech with a cheeky disco nod while the glorious new york-styled the people by eli escobar off his acclaimed album shout ensures that the album takes a trip through the full house spectrum. spread across two expertly constructed mixes, defected miami 2018 is an essential collection that brings the florida vibes to wherever you may be.
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