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12" Vinyl UK 29.05.20
2020 repress !! about the bamboo recordings: jacobus derwort started exploring sonic soundscapes listening to his short-wave world receiver at the age of 12. there he would hear music from africa, china, japan, indonesia, south america and beyond. he started playing guitar, piano, percussion and saxophone. he met hanyo van oosterom in 1978 and they started the legendary cult rock band, the jones . derwort was playing the sax, van oosterom the drums. they started conducting sound experiments in hanyo’s small cellar in the dutch village of krimpen aan den ijssel. in the early eighties they made their first cassette, the kallikatsou . hanyo started the ambient collective chi in 1983. jacobus was the first musician to join chi. together, they went to the magic rock “the kallikatsou” on the island of patmos, greece. here, hanyo had stayed for months in a cave for some deep soul-searching. he heard the sound of chi in the silence of the night like a message from out of space. being together at the kallikatsou they shaped the foundation of chi, making handmade flutes from local bamboo and conducting field recordings of water, crickets, owls, goats, wind, etc...
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12" Vinyl UK 11.03.20
final on vinyl
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2x12" Vinyl UK 14.02.19
stunning new record from the chi factory mastered by noel summerville and has original artwork by theo ellsworth includes leaflet inside
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12" Vinyl UK 21.12.17
ive never met rod modell (deepchord) in person, but we have met through music. he found an obscure cassette of chi music (from 86), sent it to astral industries and paved the way for the release (30 years later) of the original recordings in 2016. since then, weve exchanged ideas and good music. i sent rod a preview of the kallikatsou recordings - he really liked it - and here came the idea for a remix of lanterns. i started working on some random, lo-fi samples from youtube, using audacity, perhaps the simplest way of producing loops and samples. it’s the only computer based system that feels like the tape recorders i used to work with. i sent the first sketches to rod on facebook, but they ended up in the wrong inbox. i forgot about them, but months later he came back saying he loved them. i decided to go back to working on them, maintaining the lo-fi approach. i began manipulating the samples: time-stretching, tempo and pitch-shifting, mixing different layers and adding old-school monophonic old speaker effects, delays and loops. i used a few field recordings, voices and samples from my early ambient cassettes, and they matched. ario from astral industries got involved and the experiment turned into a plan a vinyl release - red lantern at the kallkatsou.
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12" Vinyl lp, 180gr UK 27.03.17
hanyo van oosterom lived in the small cave of the kallikatsou in the early eighties, finding inspiration there for the chi project (1983-1986). from the nineties to 2006 he created drones, loops, samples and soundscapes, traveling numerous times annually back and forth to the kallikatsou for fine-tuning. with the original recordings and bamboo recordings, both strongly connected to the kallikatsou, creating the perfect timeframe, “the circle is closed. together these recordings reflect and express the different aspects of the experience. a trilogy of random dream-catching over 30 years.”
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