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12" Vinyl UK 18.07.18
ghori from d-operation drop is a driving soundsystem roller with a low swung beat crushed through 80’s sci-fi algorithms and burnt onto analog tape. on the flip is natty coil, one of the crew’s most requested tracks, a masterful mix of organic bass and robotic shuffled hi hats from these mix scientists. d-operation drop are a crew from italy who gravitated around their love of bass, releasing music on labels such as artikal, lion charge, zam zam and moonshine, gaining support from the likes of j:kenzo, n type, bukez finezt, and dj madd.
Scrub a Dub
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7" Vinyl UK 24.08.17
d-operation drop is a 6-man crew from cesena, italy with a strong and growing catalog of sound system killers, from orthodox steppers to dubstep abstractions and strange hybrids of the two. recent releases on moonshine, artikal, and lion charge have cemented their position, and we are thrilled to invite them into the zamzam fold with two chunks of 140 weight. “warrior march” opens with a mesmerizing pad that immediately draws the unsuspecting into a unique soundworld and doesn’t let go til the runout groove. a smeared, chopping-block snare, deep subsonic rumblings, swung percussion, massed yet minimal horns make a darkly coiled track, menacing yet full of funk and movement. “sativa team” captivates just as deeply with fewer moving parts, loping drums and leaden percussion, churning bassline, chopped and glitched ja-voices and sound tape, and ominous, clipped horns that wobble with tape delay in a strange airless void. brooding yet cathartic, tripped out but fully physical, with both tunes d-operation drop display their total control over a restrained and powerful palette.
Zam Zam Sounds
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12" Vinyl UK 29.05.17
we are extremely happy to welcome yet another talented crew from italy in the moonshine family. d-operation drop is a project born in 2010 thanks to the encounter of 5 university students wich found themselves sharing the same house and more importantly, love for music (in 2013 zeemo joins the crew, modifying the formation from 5 to 6 elements). after a couple of early collaborations, almost casual, uniradio cesena gives to d-operation drop the chance to lay the foundations of an underground music program on air twice a week. thanks to this experience the group officially finds its frame and looks forward to its new goals such as producing, djving and vj’ing. to date d-operation drop, after almost seven years of experience, has received support from artists like j:kenzo, distance, n-type, icicle, radikal guru & many others. releasing music with notable labels such as lion charge, artikal music uk, subaltern and now moonshine recordings.
Moonshine Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 27.04.15
Subaltern Records
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12" Vinyl DK 29.09.14
the second installment on rdgs circle vision. this time its the ironman remixes ep. 4 strong remixes from 4 strong producers: bisweed, piezo, server and d-operation drop. half-step, tribal and forward thinking dubstep.supported by: joe nice, n-type, beezy and more..
Circle Vision
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12" Vinyl UK 24.04.14
brand new limited edition hand stamped 12 inch from lion charge. the sixth instalment of the vinyl only imprint comes from d-operation drop. the five man production unit from italy have been carving out their unique sound over the past 4 years and consistently pushing the barriers with their dubwise creations. the a side *rockin da nation* features vocalist idren natural setting the pace for the uptown steppers over dubbed out licks full of roots and culture. the monstrous *addis abeba* stands firm on the flip. the infectious horn solo is in full effect and accompanied by the blistering bass line on this stomping stepper.
Lion Charge
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12" Vinyl UK Pre sale
Lion Charge Records
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12" Vinyl NL 17.08.18
hypnotizing rhythms and stormy bass cuts make up various visions 2, as d-operation drop, zygos, hebbe and mrshl unite on the copenhagen based label’s 9th vinyl release. various visions is a new series of vinyl releases by circle vision, launched to present an umbrella of artists from around the globe, who share the label’s vision of sound design and affection for immersive bass music.
Circle Vision
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