Various Artists - POINT C

Various Artists


12" Vinyl D

On Board Music / OB.M07

Front View : Various Artists - POINT C - On Board Music / OB.M07
Back View : Various Artists - POINT C - On Board Music / OB.M07

Third V/A compilation from the On Board Music camp.

On Board Music kicks off 2021 with Point C, the third in a series of Various Artist 12-inches. It continues Laura BCR’s exploration of the heady atmospheres between techno, dub and ambient, where the boundaries between the dancefloor and headphone introspection are blurred. Foreign Material’s opens Point C with a depth charge bassline and cavernous swells. It sets up the ethereal, light-footed skip of Hiver’s “Time Lapse” and Sylve’s dreamy “Cloudless Raindrops”. Alan Backdrop delivers pristine techno voodooism on the B-side, followed by the tunnelling shimmer of Hironori Takahashi’s “Exars”. [info sheet from distr.]
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