Various Artists - ITRIA VOL. 3


12 Inch

Polifonic / PF005

Front View : Various Artists - ITRIA VOL. 3 - Polifonic / PF005
Back View : Various Artists - ITRIA VOL. 3 - Polifonic / PF005

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Incl Interstellar Funk, Tamburi Neri, Salamanda

#PF005 ITRIA VOL.3 is a slow techno-inspired cosmic journey that condenses in a single orbit a
great cast of artists coming from different galaxies. It marks an evolution in sound and mood,
taking us to a deeper and more visceral dimension.
The first track by Interstellar Funk is a 100% pure electronic mind-trip, a machined groove where
thoughts still roam frenetically paves the way for a more intimate experience.
Tamburi Neri’s downtempo track shapes a space-time portal in which to sink; their sound is like a
beat echoing from the bottom of the chest and spreading to the tips of the fingers softly.
For the first time, Salamanda co-works with Polifonic framing a Korean unknown soundscape, an
ambient loop track through which we break away from this dimension and move towards the
Hiver restore a connection with reality through their pulsating bass. The heartbeat speeds up, but
we still float into a dreamy techno atmosphere.
Claudio PRC & ZIPPO come into play with a powerful combination of techno textures that gets us
to resurface and awaken the senses. [info sheet from distr.]
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