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12" Vinyl D

Inudstria / IND003

Front View : Various Artists - HARD WORK/YOU ARE A SLAVE REMIXES (COLOURED VINYL) - Inudstria / IND003
Back View : Various Artists - HARD WORK/YOU ARE A SLAVE REMIXES (COLOURED VINYL) - Inudstria / IND003

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Bei Industria geht es nicht nur um Musik, sondern auch um Produkte, Kunst und mehr. Diese Platte, so kann man sagen, war vor einiger Zeit geplant, als Robi zusammen mit Vox Low einen DJ-Gig hatte. Als wir uns am nächsten Tag in der Lobby für einen späten Kaffee und ein Croissant in einem ruhigen Bordeaux-Hotel trafen, kam die Idee für einen Remix auf Vinyl.

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IND 003 is the 2nd Vinyl release on INDUSTRIA. Robi Insinna’s new project label. Industria is not just about music, but also products, art and more. This record one can say was planned a while back when Robi had a DJ gig together with Vox Low. The next day while meeting in the lobby for a late coffee and a croissant in a quiet Bordeaux Hotel, the idea came for a swap Remix on Vinyl. When Robi started Industria, he still had in mind that the second Vinyl release could be that swap. Guess both Artist coming from a similar background and working in a similar analog organic style liked the idea and knew what they would get sound wise would be something both have plenty to play with.

On the A side Vox Low remixed Robi’s HARD WORK, which was already released in 2018 including a remix by Die Wilde Jagd. Vox Low turned the track into a dark more dancefloor orientated version. Still with the trademark Vox Low sounds and Guitars.

On the B side Robi remixed You Are A Slave. He liked all the sounds so much that he thought it is better to keep as much from the original as possible, still trying to make it his own version. He added percussion to create a more funky/dark sound and extended the track. The dub was done in an old school kind of way. All the parts where laid out on a mixer and assigned to various tape delays and reverbs and would be dubbed real time, in the school of Mad Professor or Lee Perry. Not an easy approach and it needed several takes till it started making sense. All mistakes and organic things where important to this Dub. [info sheet from distr.]
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