Various Artists - FRACHT 01 EP

Various Artists


12" NL

Lunatic / LUN08

Front View : Various Artists - FRACHT 01 EP - Lunatic / LUN08
Back View : Various Artists - FRACHT 01 EP - Lunatic / LUN08

Schwere Fracht, falsche Lieferadresse, unaufgefordert geliefert. FRACHT 01 ist eine abwechslungsreiche Künstler EP auf LUNATIC, die alle Kästchen ankreuzt, die sich durch die vergangenen Veröffentlichungen ziehen. Tracks, die die zahlreichen Wege der heutigen gesättigten Gesellschaft repräsentieren, die die Prophezeiung einer dunklen Zukunft erwartet.

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Heavyweight cargo, wrong shipping adress, delivered without demand. FRACHTØ1 is the very various artists EP on LUNATIC, ticking all the boxes that lead through the past releases. Tracks that represent the numerous ways of todays saturated societys struggle expecting a dark future's prophecy. ROBERTO AUSER allows no introduction time with his dystopian NETURALITY system. CVBOX's air cargo sets a hard contrast with as lightly bleeping as confusing WINGWALKING. Phew! Get a short break. Walk on with CREDIT00 who shows who you really WANNA B, just before all dark matter fuse on the ipside of reality: HAYTERs voice is the oracle for the street: SOONER OR LATER all pain ows together IN DEN HOCHÖFEN DES SCHMERZES of the IRON ORE (controlled by MONOCORPSE). [info sheet from distr.]
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