Various Artists - ANTIME V2

Various Artists


12" Vinyl D

Antime / Antime001

Front View : Various Artists - ANTIME V2 - Antime / Antime001
Back View : Various Artists - ANTIME V2 - Antime / Antime001

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Antime A Young Berlin Based Label Founded By Martin Steer (frittenbude / pandoras Box / midimum) Presents The V2 Compilation, The First Official Vinyl Release From A Crew That Has Devoted Itself To The Different Genres And Varieties In Electronic Music For Quite Some Time.

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The sampler’s 6 tracks reflect the varied musical influences and tastes of a circle of old friends that span from Techno, glitchy Synth/Sampling Electronica, House to classical band music, post somestep elements, Downbeat, and Experimental. Antime sees itself as a musical playground, an interactive interface between club and couch, loud nights and lazy afternoons, inside and outside, seriousness and insanity and deliberately keeps its ears open to the whole spectrum of sounds and moods that the world holds for us. The Vinyl Compilation artists include two members of German electropunk outfit Frittenbude: Kalipo pays tribute to his collection of moog synthesizers on his - aptly titled -banger “The Tribute", the other one - Midimúm -sends you on a trip with his epic-schizophrenic Synthtec precursor and title track of his soon to be released debut “Junk Beach". Vienna based Andreas Buchner contributes with “DA14″ hypnotic and playful electronica while Abigail from Leipzig shines with his UK bass influenced track “Elevator". Sebastian Dali delivers classical inspired Pianohouse and Owlet´s “Lightning” sets the very first morning lights to music. The compilation represents the electro-acoustic checksum of a spaced out and debonaire crew that has found a musical home. It anticipates the sound of summer and gives you a notion of what there is about to be released in the near future. Exclusive Tracks by Frittenbude members [txt from ]
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