TACTIL - 1 - 4


1 - 4

12" Vinyl D

Antimatter / Antimatter 04

Front View : TACTIL - 1 - 4 - Antimatter / Antimatter 04
Back View : TACTIL - 1 - 4 - Antimatter / Antimatter 04

Electronic Journey, limited to 150, 1per Customer

2020 has been a terrible year for everyone. However, it has also been the year in which some projects have had time to develop. This is the case of Tactil, responsible for the fourth Antimatter refelease. This new tandem is born from the collaboration between the artists from Madrid, Kawn and F-on. Deeply influenced by projects from 90´s like Porter Ricks, Jetone, Gas or Thomas Köner, "1-4" means the first ep from this duo. Drones, wrinkled textures and field recording meet long and progressive rhythmical sequences, complex delays, long reverbs and LFO modulations to shape their distinctive sound. [info sheet from distr.]
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