12" Vinyl D

Ohm Resistance / 51MOHM / 00134182

Front View : Scorn - FEATHER - Ohm Resistance / 51MOHM / 00134182
Back View : Scorn - FEATHER - Ohm Resistance / 51MOHM / 00134182

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Scorn is back!

7 years of silence.
7 years waiting.

The master of dark simplicity: beat, bass, drift, drone - Mick Harris has re-engaged with his longest running, primary artist identity, SCORN. His first salvo upon return, the “Feather” EP is anything but light. It is the darkest possible bassweight, a vortex of low frequency into which all light is subsumed.

The 3 entirely separate versions of the title track plumb unknown depths with harried atmospheres, reminiscent of Scorn’s earlier days, a time before bass music became a popular movement and Harris was the absolute pioneer in the genre. Bass weight, dub production technique with multiple delay channels, time and phrase morphology and erupting samples keep all 3 variations differing as they decompose. The final track tells a truth of life: “Whatever Is Touched Turns” and lays it out with pounding multiple basslines and the most punishing kick drum in any Scorn track ever.

Feather is a return to arms for the one referred to as the Dark Lord of Bass. Scorn lives again. [info sheet from distr.]
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