Ricardo Tobar - COLLECTION

Ricardo Tobar


2x12" Vinyl D

Cocoon / CORLP037

Front View : Ricardo Tobar - COLLECTION (2LP) - Cocoon / CORLP037
Back View : Ricardo Tobar - COLLECTION (2LP) - Cocoon / CORLP037

Electronic music approximately 35 years after bands like Kraftwerk opened the magic box. A lot happened since then and it seems all is said, done and invented. However it is almost surprising that new things still pop up here and there when it comes to electronic music production.

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The reason for this can probably be found in the almost unlimited possibilities that electronics and computers offer to the artists and of course in the unwritten law that there are no boundaries that can’t be crossed. So, even after all this time, it is great to see that the creative development keeps on going and going no matter if it is house, deep house, techno and most of it all: Listening electronics. “Synthetic electronic sounds, Industrial rhythms all around". Let’s focus on Ricardo Tobar: Born in Chile and now residing in France, Tobar picked the “creative border crossing” as the common thread for his album “Collection". Musical experimentation and crossing musical borders - Tobar refers here directly to the style and sound of the great new-wave-bands of the 80s and 90s. With the help and influence of their new electronic instruments (that often met classic rock guitars) the post-punk-electronic-movement turned almost everything upside down. No matter if the result was moody and mysterious or romantic and hedonistic, all sounded new and different back then and paved the musical path for a whole generation - the reverberations of that episode are noticeable until today. Tobar plays with the musical approach of the post-punk-era, he mixes, merges and experiments fearless with styles and moods. He creates a wide range of “own styles” and even dives into abstract sound fields - listening electronic in best form! [txt from ]
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