Nikita Zabelin - RHIZOME

Nikita Zabelin


2x12" Vinyl NL

Resonance Moscow / RM010

Front View : Nikita Zabelin - RHIZOME (2LP) - Resonance Moscow / RM010
Back View : Nikita Zabelin - RHIZOME (2LP) - Resonance Moscow / RM010

deep soundscape of ambient techno tracks!

Impulsive yet gloriously catchy techno arrangements combining deconstructed IDM and minimalistic ambient sounds. This debut album is an inclusive conceptual artistic work and collaboration between Nikita Zabelin, the Berlin based designer Ksti Hu's bold and experimental artworks and the moscow sculpurist Helen Fabulousbeasts?s handcrafted works. Nikita shows to be one of the most exciting electronic artist from the east! Limited edition of 200 copies! [info sheet from distr.]
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