Niki Istrefi / Draugr - BRV001

Niki Istrefi / Draugr


12" Vinyl NL


Front View : Niki Istrefi / Draugr - BRV001 - BRVTAL / BRV001
Back View : Niki Istrefi / Draugr - BRV001 - BRVTAL / BRV001

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Brvtal kicks off with a heavyweight split EP from Niki Istrefi and Draugr.

BRVTAL has started in 2018 and after several gigs and episodes of the podcasts series at last we arrived to kick off our dream project: the music label!

There was no question who would be on our first release, because we have been following their music since the beginning and we had a banger nights and great times with both of them at LARM and in Budapest. These awesome producers to whom we thank BVR001 are Niki Istrefi and Draugr!

Niki Istrefi is a rare precious star in the Danish techno scene, everyone can recognize his music in the first minute, this mindfulness, fast, harsh and tight sound with the essential melodies of melancholia. Niki is pretty determinant in BRVTAL's life, because we noticed him since his first release and it was obvious that we invited him to our first LARM's event!

Worldspawn gives the first push on his side of the vinyl. This catatonic sound is the enter to the darkness, what we can accept from the whole release. Blood Run is another step, much faster, much harder with an iconic spooky melody that will haunt us through our nightmares.

But we don't have to be afraid of Draugr either, he isn't joking at all. He became one of the unavoidable figures of Parisian techno over the years. It wasn't a surprise how he totally bombed the LARM to the delight of us and our audience in 2019. We fell in love for the first time when we heard XB71. This track is the real taste of Draugr's music, the uncompromising, tough sound with cruel hammering and flooding energy like an atomic bomb. Lastly we get to the final track of the vinyl that is dedicated to us, so the title is Brvtal. It's a great honor for us that this more galloping banger with killer dark melodies has the same name like our label and event series! [info sheet from distr.]
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