Mneme - ALYSM


12 Inch

Kimochi / Kimochi 49

Front View : Mneme - ALYSM - Kimochi / Kimochi 49
Back View : Mneme - ALYSM - Kimochi / Kimochi 49

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Trying to find any information on Mneme is pretty difficult. What we can say, though, is that this almost definitely not a company with a "vision to become a world leader in AI powered healthcare solutions, improving lives and transforming the future of our society." Thank god. Not that we don't wish the firm we stumbled across on Facebook all the best in its efforts to get there.

Instead, Mneme the electronic artist name (or act?) belongs in a far less competitive place. Somewhere where warm pads, vacuum packed beats, and melodic flourishes can thrive together, creating a soundscape that's packed with inviting ambient moods, and feels at once sci-fi futuristic and yet strangely retro in flavour. We've been here before, and yet it's also hugely original stuff that we can't not recommend.
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