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ESP Institute / ESP088B

Front View : Metal - POINT VACANCIES (REMIXES) - ESP Institute / ESP088B
Back View : Metal - POINT VACANCIES (REMIXES) - ESP Institute / ESP088B


Following 2020s 'Point Vacancies', the debut EP from Jamie Paton and Mike Bournes collaborative act Metal, the duo return with a trio of dubwise remixes from Mr Paton himself as well as a peak-time stormer from fellow Bristol artist, Hodge. The latter immediately sets the record ablaze with a driving thump, duo of grainy hi-hats and a chalky clap. He layers an anthemic three-chord pad progression, building octaves, peppering in arpeggiated bleeps and articulate lead melodies, then tops it off with a few modular elements that retain the character of the original, before climaxing in true rave fashion. Proper. The following three mixes by Metals own Jamie Paton make apparent his sonic obsession the type of infinite tweaking that sees some artists/producers to the edge of madness, or at the very least satisfies some dragon-chasing addiction. Theres a successive deconstruction from 'Remix' to 'Dubwise' to 'Dubwise II', most notably a reduction of rhythm and drum machinery, but also in general tonality. The melody remains central but is gradually obscured, taking on a less and less recognizable form, and by the end were left with a skeleton of the track, quips and cranks, an assembly line of aluminum sheeting punctuated by demented nuts and bolts. As with the previous EP, the sparsity of elements illustrates just how far one can twist aesthetics, proving that self-imposed limitations can often propel an artists process and land them somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere foreign, somewhere enchanted.
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