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Dubstep For Deep Heads / deepd002

Front View : Kromestar - COLOURFUL VIBRATIONS - Dubstep For Deep Heads / deepd002
Back View : Kromestar - COLOURFUL VIBRATIONS - Dubstep For Deep Heads / deepd002

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The Wait is finally over people, the 2nd and last sampler from the highly successful album >Colourful Vibrations< from Kromestar is finally here on Vinyl! The sounds Kromestar has created for the album is not dissimilar to the type of atmosphere he executed so well for >My Sound<. Loads of pads and swirls, rich basslines, flutes and well thought out samples to match. It does sound a lot more polished though and the production has come a long way since the debut. He is an absolute master of his mix downs, each sound on the frequency spectrum has space to breath and enter your ear with ease. Every track well rounded, offering crisp, clean production through out. >Colourful Vibrations< has a variety of moods within, but the main focus is Kromestars genius ability to create ambient, soulful Dubstep. There are a few more banging tunes on the album as you would expect from Kromestar, but no pointless wobble what so ever! Overall a stunning album that will go down in Kromestar history!

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