KenelSonne - I - XI



2x12" Vinyl D

BlauBlau Records / BBR017

Front View : KenelSonne - I - XI (2X12INCH / INCL BOOKLET) - BlauBlau Records / BBR017
Back View : KenelSonne - I - XI (2X12INCH / INCL BOOKLET) - BlauBlau Records / BBR017

mixture between experimental idm, industrial, drone and psychedelic rock

The vibrant city, a night out in the field, concrete, glass, grass, soil and rust - MARKUS KENEL and NICO SUN set off looking for the sound of home. Their paths, struck out long ago in the rural hinterland, now converge in the center of a city. The result is called KenelSonne, a search for identity through a musical awakening. Arriving in the drone, the noise, the recording in the field, zoning out to wave, psychedelic mantras and the remains of forgotten records. It’s all in there in this unresting audiosphere of two unequal brothers in mind - yet both endowed with a curious heart, knowing that with every new found answer will come eleven new questions.
Their first long play, a multi-layer piece of art exploring auditory, visual and poetic mediums, homes, and identities, will be released via BlauBlau Records. [info from Label]
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