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Sci+Tec / TEC006LP / 05184761

Front View : Kazuya Nagaya - DREAM INTERPRETATION (WHITE LP) - Sci+Tec / TEC006LP / 05184761
Back View : Kazuya Nagaya - DREAM INTERPRETATION (WHITE LP) - Sci+Tec / TEC006LP / 05184761

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New album from Japanese producer Kazuya Nagaya, rooted in the Buddhist philosophy of Zenzhu. Pressing on white vinyl.

‘There are dreams that I still remember. Although it has been decades since I had thosedreams, they continue to pulsate, circulating their pellucid blood, vital and fresh as if dreamt just last night’

Singing bowls, bronze bells and gongs resonate through the mindful layers of Japanese percussionist and ambient producer Kazuya Nagaya’s music. In Zen Buddhism, bells are believed to wash away the cares of the mortal world, as the listener follows the resonance of the bell into the silence and stillness within all beings. It is a penetration into the depths of one’s self.

Floating in a cloud of billowing ambience, it’s nine tracks invite the listener to traverse a broad spectrum of spirit.

‘There is one thing I have known all along. Someday I will have to face the messages from my unconscious. I will have to decipher their meaning and change my life accordingly. The messages from my unconscious are like a knocking on the door of my mind. For many years the sound reverberated, but I payed it no attention’

Nagaya’s music is rooted in Buddhist (Zenzhu) philosophy and sensibilities unique to Japan. Concurrently, his work and interests are also contemporary and traverse a broad spectrum of cultures. This has led him to work with a wide range of collaborators that include Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Hawaiian Kahuna, artists such as Plastikman and Iris Van Herpen, and also to perform regularly in acclaimed festivals such as MUTEK.JP,
MUTEK.MX and Today`s Art. His first album, “Utsusho”, was released in 1999 and later re-released with Minus. His latest album, “The Microscope of Heraclitus,” was released with Indigo Raw in 2018.

Nagaya started out to pursue his talents in literature and is also an award-winning writer and a connoisseur on Japanese Literature, Buddhist Folktales and Zen Philosophical Works. These interests breathed life into his music, and the sensibilities and philosophical views which he developed during his literary years are now reflected in most of his music today. He spends half the week teaching courses at his University in
Tokyo, and the other half composing and writing in his home in the Japanese Alps, where he resides with his wife, and many adopted cats and dogs. ‘Dream Interpretations’ was composed at a difficult time in Nagaya’s life. While he worked, he listened closely to the sound of the knocking that reverberated from the paths of his unconsciousness and transformed that into music. In other words, this music is his dream interpretation.
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