Kayla Guthrie - FALLING STAR

Kayla Guthrie


12" Vinyl UK

Wild Flesh Productions / WFP11

Front View : Kayla Guthrie - FALLING STAR - Wild Flesh Productions / WFP11
Back View : Kayla Guthrie - FALLING STAR - Wild Flesh Productions / WFP11

Rubadub welcomes NYCs Wild Flesh Productions, a new label that has come to us via our pals in Queens. We ve got two must haves for fans of Leslie Winner, Carla Del Forno, Julia Holter, Liz Fraser etc.

A misty glow flows along the recumbent silhouette of Kayla Guthrie’s new ep, FALLING STAR. This is the body of the artist as aural ghost, her figure lit by shuddering rhythms and synthesized echoes, and she knows what she is doing when she stands in front of that light. Not only did she build it but she has written all about it, gathered the notes and transcribed the lyrics onto paper that is as sunshine. Guthrie is dazed and dazzling with so much light, yet the clouds roll in toward the light every time. Her translucent voice lifts your hem and so tender is her bite, so weird, so intense. This is new music spinning fast in a dance with archangels (Jarboe, Cocteau Twins, Lydia Tomkiw and Leslie Winer) and barreling straight through heaven’s gate.

Mixed by Ben Greenberg. Cut by Josh Bonati. Photography by Lena Shkoda, lettering by Will Sheldon. Edition of 200.
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