Franck Kartell - ELECTRIC SHEEP EP


12 Inch

LDI Records / LDI002

Front View : Franck Kartell - ELECTRIC SHEEP EP - LDI Records / LDI002
Back View : Franck Kartell - ELECTRIC SHEEP EP - LDI Records / LDI002

New dutch Label

Newly launched Dutch electro label LDI Records follows up their first release from T/Error with a deep and dark four track EP by French producer Franck Kartell. In a homage to masterful science fiction writer Philip K Dick - Side A of Electric Sheep EP evokes scenes from future mechanized worlds. Electric Sheep kicks the 12" off with a melancholic and contemplative moment followed by a steel cold and brooding venture in Voigt-Kampff. On the B side of this release, there is a live mix of Kartell's track Electro Music, a futuristic electro work out with kicks for the dancefloor. The EP completes with Victoria - an ode to the electronic musician Victoria Lukas who passed away in 2020 - with a beautifully poised and contemplative track steeped in synths. Franck Kartell is a French producer who has releases on Between Places, Transient Force, Ukonx Recordings, New Flesh, Bass Agenda and others. Since 2005 he has been producing well thought-out Electro music filled with dark atmospheres and driving rhythms. Specializing in moody, atmospheric electro, LDI Records (Lloyd's Dark Imperium) are an essential label to watch. Distributed worldwide by Clone Distribution, while the Dutch label's main focus is on vinyl releases
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