Dynamic & Command Strange - A GIRL LIKE YOU

Dynamic & Command Strange


12" Vinyl UK

Inform Records / INFORMV001

Front View : Dynamic & Command Strange - A GIRL LIKE YOU - Inform Records / INFORMV001
Back View : Dynamic & Command Strange - A GIRL LIKE YOU - Inform Records / INFORMV001

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Inform Records is very proud to announce INFORMV001, their first vinyl release. This time Inform have added another layer to the international dimension established on their last single with the inclusion of D&B prodigy Alexey Fuifanov known to the world as Command Strange.

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Originally from Kazakhstan, Command Strange has developed a fearsome reputation as an incredibly talented producer and DJ with both past and incoming releases on, among others; V Records, Horizons Music, Good Looking, Liquid V, Fokuz, Integral, Celsius, Antillectual Beats, Metalheadz Platinum and Nu Directions. Command Strange is reunited on INFORMV001 with his soul brother: Dynamic. As a new addition to the Inform stable and rising star Dynamic has rapidly carved out his own niche in the UK liquid scene with releases on Goodlooking, Fokuz, Celsuis & Black Reflections Records and has had DJ support from musical titans like LTJ Bukem, Bailey and Mary Anne Hobbs to name but a few. The A side, entitled A Girl Like You, is the more relaxed affair of the two and is plainly a tune made with summer in mind. The track itself is built around a subtle vocal sample that references classic soul and funk and is offset by beautiful sweeping pads and rhodes chords that really make this track stand out. The soul groove that the intro establishes is accentuated by a low, sweeping, analogue-sounding bassline that nicely compliments the duo's gentle, natural drum sounds. A dazzling slice of liquid funk that carries on in Inform's liquid vein while simultaneously setting the bar high for any artist to follow. Luckily the following artist is none other than the one of the USA's greatest exports and a man that needs no introduction; Random Movement. Back on remix duty again, RM's take on A Girl Like You keeps all of the originals melodic elements and combines them with his own signature tight production. The B side is definitely more of a dancefloor track; the drums are a little harder, there's a catchy guitar hook that'll catch you and make you want to move and the bassline has a ruder, more synthetic edge that's sure to cause some damage on a system. INFORMV001 is, at its heart, a showcase of the Inform liquid D&B sound and a solid, wellrounded induction into the world of vinyl for a label that's looking set to achieve great things this year. Although this is Inform Record's first vinyl release, it certainly won't be their last. [txt from ]
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