Dub Trio - IV

Dub Trio


12" Vinyl lp UK

Reachout International Records / ruslp8322

Front View : Dub Trio - IV (LP) - Reachout International Records / ruslp8322
Back View : Dub Trio - IV (LP) - Reachout International Records / ruslp8322

Dub Trio is back with their fourth and most powerful album to date – IV – an overwhelming blend of sounds, styles and ideas that come out swinging, and hit harder than ever. Can metal coexist with dubs bass heavy riddims? Dub Trios newest album proves that not only can such incongruities coexist, but that in the right hands they flourish! With IV the band succeeds dramatically at emphasizing the theories, emotions, sounds, and concepts of their current musical exploration. IV finds the members playing multiple instruments, tweaking, turning & torturing knobs, cutting and chopping the audio itself, and shaping the compositions to create their own unique interpretation of dub as an art form. Comes with code for free digital download of this album.

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