Dalyat - TRAJA EP


12 Inch

Waste Editions / W11

Front View : Dalyat - TRAJA EP - Waste Editions / W11
Back View : Dalyat - TRAJA EP - Waste Editions / W11

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Dalyat nimmt den Hörer mit auf eine zeitlose und inspirierende Reise, die aus 6 packenden Tracks besteht, die Musikliebhaber in hoffnungsvolle, subtile und eklektische Welten entführen.

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Dalyat is a project created by an enigmatic figure that has been in the works, in the shadows for a time now. After setting meaningful groundwork, he has produced his first solo album: Trája. A staggering debut from an artist who distances himself from trends. Dalyat takes listeners on a timeless and inspirational journey in this undertaking consisting of 6 gripping tracks that transport music lovers to hope-inspiring, subtle and eclectic worlds. [info sheet from distr.]
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