3x12 Inch

Electric Deluxe / EDLX056LP

Front View : Clouds - HEAVY THE ECLIPSE (3LP) - Electric Deluxe / EDLX056LP
Back View : Clouds - HEAVY THE ECLIPSE (3LP) - Electric Deluxe / EDLX056LP

(3lp Embossed Gatefold Cover With Printed Inner Sleeves) Ravaged And Warped Breakbeats Haunted By Wailing Euphoric Noise, Vivid And Graphic Reflections Of Fractured Post-industrial Hardcore, Moments Of Poetry Flashing Within A Thick Impending Fog. This Is Our Soundtrack. A Unique And Visionary Achievement, A Wholly Origina Future Of Beauty And Despair: Brutal, Gritty, Alive And Urgent, Blooming In The Ruins, Spiralling And Raw, Howling With Life.

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The records stop four hundred years in the future, after the lines shut, and the corporation withdrew. What we know of how we got here is pieced together by the fragments of the rail maps and corporate orders that survive.

After numerous waves of social collapse, Glasgow, a once prosperous city thriving off an industry of trade and shipbuilding, had run to waste in lawless ruin. The land passed into the hands of new owners; a German-speaking conglomerate, who incorporated it into a new civic entity: Neurealm. There were grand promises of a new age; a rail network, culture facilities, new life for the city. Neurealm never came to be. The violent indifference of the citizens to the new order saw to that. In its place a rats nest of horror and gloom, the damp ruins punctuated by strobe lights, and the desperate, ecstatic violence of the gangs that rule it.

Welcome to Neurealm, After The Fall.

Ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise, vivid and graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore, moments of poetry flashing within a thick impending fog. This is our soundtrack. A unique and visionary achievement; a wholly origina future of beauty and despair: brutal, gritty, alive and urgent, blooming in the ruins, spiralling and raw, howling with life.

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