Caterina Barbieri - SPIRIT EXIT



Light-Years / LY001LP / 05226921

Front View : Caterina Barbieri - SPIRIT EXIT (2LP) - Light-Years / LY001LP / 05226921
Back View : Caterina Barbieri - SPIRIT EXIT (2LP) - Light-Years / LY001LP / 05226921

Caterina Barbieri opens the spirit exit. Regular pressing on black double vinyl.

The musical vortexes of Caterina Barbieri rewire time and space. Listening to the Italian composer and modular synth virtuoso has felt like traveling at light-speed and slow-motion all at once since 2017's breakthrough double-album Patterns Of Consciousness. 2019's acclaimed Ecstatic Computation pushed even further with the lead single "Fantas", where a haunting melody hurtling towards its supernova climax felt like witnessing the life and death of a burning star. Far beyond any new age trope or modern synth trend, her music stands alone in its ecstatic intensity and cataclysmic emotional impact. Marking the debut album on her new label light-years, Barbieri now delivers her most profound work yet - a journey through inner-space as vast as a universe and as intimate as a heartbeat. The Spirit Exit opens and we fall in. [info sheet from distr.]
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