Brannten Schnure


12" Vinyl UK

Low Company / LOW 3

Front View : Brannten Schnure - ERINNERUNGEN AN GESICHTER (LP) - Low Company / LOW 3
Back View : Brannten Schnure - ERINNERUNGEN AN GESICHTER (LP) - Low Company / LOW 3

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Third release on the Low Company label is a city-as-garden dream-vision rendered in cut-glass Sprechgesang, elegantly mouldering chamber music and uniquely sensitive, minimal electronics.

Sample-fragments of the antique/pastoral instrumentation that characterised Katie Rich and Christian Schoppik’s previous work as Brannten Schnure (including that fine Muschelsammlung LP on Vrystaete) - woodwind, hand-drums, strings, piano, fin de siècle music-box melodies – are looped and smeared here into a dronal, hallucinatory folk music for city-dwellers adrift in their environment, in their thoughts, in the vaporous unknowable patternings of non-human forces (them again!). Rich has a voice you could listen to all day, beautiful and austere, and it takes centre-stage here. Her words and phrasings are, at times, as piquant as lines of Imagist poetry; elsewhere they have a documentary, matter-of-fact quality - a young woman walking the streets, inventorising her surroundings with absolute precision and clarity, for entirely mysterious ends. [info from label]
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