Avernian - MAADI



12" UK

More Time Records / MTRLP003

Front View : Avernian - MAADI (LP) - More Time Records / MTRLP003
Back View : Avernian - MAADI (LP) - More Time Records / MTRLP003

UK techno with international influences on the debut album from Avernian.

Born in the US, Avernian grew up in a household that was a melting pot of cultures. With his mother being German and his step-dad being Peruvian, he was exposed to many different kinds of music from a young age. Cumbia, Afro-Peruvian and even Guaracha were constants in his life.

Fast forwarding to his late teens, Avernian moved to Germany to study and get in touch with his German heritage. By doing this, he discovered his love for electronic music and delved into producing. Over the years, he found that the UK sound resonated with him in ways that reminded him of his childhood and so he decided to move to the UK and immerse himself. Avernian’s music pays homage to all of these influences that have played a part in his journey. Elements from these influences can be heard clearly in his output. A sound that cannot be pigeon holed or defined by a singular genre.

Now living in Manchester, he runs his own label and party series by the name of Lurch, regularly inviting down friends and artists he feels a personal connection with in their music. On this debut album, Avernian wanted to showcase every different influence in his music; from Cumbia, Dancehall, UK Funky, Techno, UK Techno, Shaabi. It’s an accumulation of 2 years work also features samples from family recordings & videos to show the connection between Avernian’s music and childhood. [info sheet from distr.]
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