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Infine / IF1056CD

Front View : Arandel - INBACH (CD, + 20 PAGES BOOKLET) - Infine / IF1056CD
Back View : Arandel - INBACH (CD, + 20 PAGES BOOKLET) - Infine / IF1056CD

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Arandel’s new opus, ‘InBach’, released 24th January 2020 by French label InFiné, pays a poetic, infinitely respectful and innovative homage to Bach’s sacred workings. Arandel was granted limitless access to the galerie of (sometime rare and ancient) instruments, as a well as a countless recordings of the prestigious Musée de la Musique in Paris with a view to sounddesign his brand new creation. He performed a few months after at Philharmonie Paris a hybrid live performance/DJ set ‘Switched on Bach’, named in acknowledgement to the legendary 1968 by American composer Wendy Carlos (Tron, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining). From candles to LEDs, from DJ sets to museums, from historical instruments to machines, from Bach’s themes that have entered the collective unconscious and inspired contemporary flesh and blood musicians… ‘InBach’ was a foregone conclusion. In the immensity of Bach’s oeuvre, in the company of his fellow wanderers, within the constraints of his-torical instruments, emboldened by the delightful, sometimes technically dangerous friction between acoustics and electronics: Without a net, Arandel walks a tightrope without a faux pas. Vital Sales Points: - Strong French environment including institutional support from Philharmonie / Musée de la Musique in Paris with a big shows’ scheduled. - A hybrid album with a mix of rare instrument sounds, synthesizers and innovative creative bias. [info sheet from distr.]
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