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1. paradox - a certain sound (alaska & paradox lost dat mix)
2. kabuki feat. jeru - the damaja watch your step (need formirrors vip mix)
3. ulterior motive - seven segments (unreleased)
4. slam - positive education (zero t remix)
5. lynx & kemo - you are being lied to
6. icic - ocular (unreleased)
7. zero t feat. script - guessing games
8. system - speed of light
9. lemonde - heaven
10. alix perez & jubei - untitled (unreleased)
11. break - wine
12. all thieves - stars (zero t remix)
13. need for mirrors - sick in the head
14. rockwell - everything (& u)
15. artificial intelligence & krust - audio assault
16. fracture & neptune - the limit
17. dillinja - when love
18. zero t feat. steo walk away (zero t reprint)
19. genotype - dubsoca (unreleased)
20. commix - japanese electronics (instra:mental remix)
21. sp:mc & joker d - down (unreleased)
22. icicle - xylophobia (unreleased)
23. compound one - pum pum beat
24. sia- little man (exemen remix)
25. ation - missing you (unreleased)
26. equinox - space dub
27. marcus intalex - 21
28. calibre - reach (unreleased)
29. reds feat. tehbis & fee lups - green lanes

Zero T ist ein Aushaengeschild der jungen Drum & Bass-Generation, die Grenzen durchbricht und neue Experimente wagt. Sein Fabric-Set ist ein kraftvoller Mix mit Stil- & Tempiwechseln und mutigen Elementen aus Dubstep, Garage, House und Hip Hop. Das erstklassige Tracklisting enthaelt insgesamt 8 exklusive Tracks plus extrem rare und spezielle Mixes und Versionen!

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Drum & Bass

ZERO T stands as a figurehead for a new breed of producers tearing down boundaries and building from the ground up. Zero T not only explores the full spectrum within Drum & Bass, but takes in a myriad of different influences in creating his forward-thinking, intricately textured and overtly musical sound. FabricLive.52 seamlessly connects the dots between the different facets of his sound with aplomb, moving through tempos and styles to create a beautifully crafted mix. Expanding its appeal beyond the limitations of Drum & Bass, it takes in tracks from DILLINJA, LYNX, COMMIX, SLAM, WOOKIE and a host of others, with a healthy smattering of exclusives throughout, including a remix of our own SIA! Previously working under the ZERO TOLERANCE moniker, he rose to prominence with releases on BASSBIN, SUBTITLES and INTEGRAL. Upon hearing his debut release for Bassbin, the legendary 4HERO picked him up for an EP and a 12inch on his own REINFORCED label.
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