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In May 2014. Icelandic Producer Yagya Will Release His Fifth Album. Sleepygirls. Across Three Slabs Of Vinyl And One Mixed Cd On Dutch Label Delsin. Its A Deep. Spacious And Dubbed Out Affair That Stays Locked At A Pleasingly Sedentary Tempo Throughout.
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Since 2002 the definitive member of the Thule Musik collective has been crafting lush electronic albums under his Yagya alias and always manages to find pure bliss and beauty and his simple, nature inspired soundscapes. He deals exclusively in full lengths and to date they have come on labels like Sending Orbs, Force Inc. and Subwax Bcn. "I wanted to create an album that's atmospheric, repetitive, and easy to listen to over and over again," says the man himself. "Something that works well in the background (e.g. when concentrating on work), as well as up close in a big sound system. I also wanted to learn how to make my music sound better than before, since I'm a huge sound-nerd, so that was a part of the goal for me personally." The album is a fine fusion of tropes from Yagya's earlier albums, features jazz instrumentalists that improvise beautiful melodies over monotonic, almost drone-like, techno beats and also uses live recordings of Japanese vocals, saxophone and guitar to counter the repetitiveness of the rhythms. Right from the rolling bliss of the opener, you're suspended in a womb like pillow of sound that is soft, warm and serenely beautiful. As tracks roll on, the pace stays the same but themes vary from upright and summery to more elongated and insular. This is natural, organic dub that is a delight and a pleasure to listen to. The vinyl versions of each track have been specially mixed with random LFOs, sonic quirks and unique fingerprints making them the subtly different to the CD version, but overall this is a brain soothing and mind melting album that can soundtrack lazy days, long summer afternoons and warm winter evenings in equal style
(added: 2014-04-30 10:47:11 )
Joris Voorn

"Really into the mixed version... cool journey remembering the See Me Ya sessions in some ways. It flows very well... perfect companion for a long walk in the streets of Berlin."
Julien Gagnebien (InFiné, Berlin)

"some interesting bits in here, thanks"
Nic Tasker (Boiler Room)

"Sorry, not for me..."
Mosca (Ann Aimee, BBC Radio 1, London)

"perfect for one of my chilled out "Prelude…" mixes."
Kirk Degiorgio (ART, Ipswich, Suffolk)

"Perfect for deep listening in my car & sofa ;-). Excellent soundscapes."
Fabrice Lig

"thank you for the music!"

"Pretty deep one, thx! "
Sebastian Weiß (Freelancer, Berlin)

&q uot;Dub sounds at his best."
Svreca (Semantica)

"sweet and classy. really nice release on a delsin back to its roots. Beautiful! "
Voiski (L.I.E.S., Construct Re-Form, Dement3d, Ivry Sur Seine)

"very nice one, dreamy, lush and well produced top!"
Kuczera (Intergalactic FM, heerlen)

"Absolutely beautiful, not much else to say"
Jean Pierre Enfant (Les Enfants Terribles/Trouw, Amsterdam)

"This is very good music, big up for Delsin and this stellar release."
Emmanuel (Arts, Milano)

"Not very playable stuff for me but this is great listening music, thanks!"
Truncate/Audio Injection

Vincent Pollard (Exclaim, Toronto, Ontario)

"a bit too nice for me."
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"Great deep here, lovely stuff!"
DJ Santorini (OUT-ER)

"Clips soun d ace, l ooking forward to checking it in full..."
J. Tijn

"Not something I usually play but I like it. I need to give it a listen in better quality."
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show, Rijeka)

"quality deepness, big thx!"
Ben Sims (Theory, London)

"sounds lush, will download and listen properly..."
James Fox / Severn Beach

"Classy and in good taste dub techno, thanks ;)"
Limo (Transition Lab)

"reminds me of older luomo tracks.. proper dubby electronics"
Nuno Dos Santos (kollektiv, utrecht)

"Downloading, thanks!"
Albert van Abbe

"Wow track one and ten are the best examples of this sound. Relaxing"
Stephen Brown (Indigo Aera)

"Happy with this album. YAGYA fan! thnx! "
Dimi Angélis (A&S, Traut Muzik, Balans) (Dimi Angélis, Amsterdam)

"So unds gor geous .. some amazing bits for the club and the continuous mix on the iPod for running, thank you!"
Danny Howells

"excellent. thanks"

"Pretty much what it says on the tin, sweet and dubby."
Simon Whight (Data Transmission / Inverted Audio / Ibiza Voice, Manchester)

"not what I usually play, but nice dubby tracks. thanks. "
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)
(added: 2014-04-30 10:54:42 )
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