Vid Vai
12" Vinyl D
Phi / PHI002

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Image of the Record Back Side

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PHI002 returns to your favourite record store with a vengance. The Pragmatism EP opens with a subtle yet catchy electro rattle crawling from a wet basement. soon opening rusty iron doors with an -early 90s electronica- sign with the help of a massive atmoshperic push. Dial-up Terror manages to recall the boundless sounds of pioneering techno days only to give hand to the playful and jacking afterhours stomper that is No - Fun + Compute. Crossroads between ambient and electro rarely sounded as dreamy as with timeless Ultrasonic Sensei Particle and its kaleidoscopic arrangements. that might have landed on of your favourite early Warp releases. PHI002 saves best for last with cinematic hypnotism called Memento Mori. a perfect closure for a colourful release that carves a soundscape deeper than trendy genre names.
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