Photic Fields

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1. torx
2. xstat
3. mandala
4. realtime
5. kaleidoscope
6. cloud pattern
7. misty
8. star chamber
9. split
10. torx (wisp mix)
11. vision
12. delta
13. solstice

Vertical67s 13 Track Debut Cd Album Including A Remix By Wisp (rephlex Records). Thomas Pahl, Aka Vertical67, Steps Up With A Full Album After A Few Eps On Labels Like 100% Silk And Lunar Disko

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Yet the longplay format surely isn't new to him, as his albums, dating back from 2008-2009 on Acroplane Recordings, prove. With Panta Rhei however, the analog guy from Berlin finds himself in a more calm, serene mood. Pahl made his interest in ambient music clear at an early stage with his 'The Coloured Chaos' project. While that project was based around the use of samples and a guitar, the project here is about synth driven textures. A versatile selection of 12 beautiful and very personal tracks. Deep, melancholic moods are present, as well as more lightweight and uplifting moments. To top off this project, Thomas' friend and acclaimed producer Wisp, aka Reid Dunn (of Rephlex Records fame), delivers a remix of the opening track. With this album, Photic Fields initiate a series of CD releases, that focuses on the (even) more quiet, home-listening vein within the electronic music spectrum. Limited to 125 publicly available pressed CD copies. MP3 download cards included. "All entities move and nothing remains still".
(added: 2015-04-07 12:34:26 )

Steven Tang (Smallville, Emphasis)
Lush, atmospheric, hypnotic, ambient synth music! Sounds otherworldly. Wonderful listen.

Eric Cloutier (The Bunker)
My god. this is some absolutely divine stuff!!!

Mnml ssgs
Clips sound very promising. Look forward to giving it a proper listen. Really like the 90s chillout / downbeat ambient vibe.

Aiken (Semantica)
Really really nice sounds inside. I like it!!

Dimi Angelis (Smallville)
Wow this is beautiful! Love this album, no favo yet, but i will find out. its a 8,5 i think, maybe more but i will find out after more proper listening at home when i have the album on repeat ;)

Life Recorder (Asethetic Audio)
Lovely album ! Tracks "Realtime" and "Split" are just beauties but all the album is class.. Top !

Leonid (Sistrum, Photic Fields)
Sounds lovely!

(added: 2015-05-08 14:41:04 )
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