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Stockholm Ltd / STHLM LTD 022

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Very limited 2014 Repress. incl S100. Pfirter & Grindvik. Skudge. The Rumours aka S. Linzatti & P.Grindvik. Oliver Kapp and Tom Diciccio !! To clarify the meaning of Sthlm LTD 022. On Sthlm LTD 022 I would like to shed light upon a few artists who. in recent times. inspired me. in one way or another. Older ones and new ones. We embark with S100. a cluster of machines and people from Stockholm. who share the love of playing live. In addition to the Stockholm ensemble we have Juan Pablo Pfirter. a man who brings mad joy to any dancefloor but also constantly seizes the attention of the blog generation. There is also Skudge. the Swedish duo who with their simple patterns and oldschool vibes made people worship true techno again. As well as Staffan Linzatti. who is the best studio mate in the world. and Oliver Kapp. the founder of the labels Indulge and Raygun. Oliver s music has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. so I was proud to invite him to do a remix for Stockholm LTD. Last but not least Tom Dicicco. a bass and dub loving youngster from the Midlands currently based in Manchester. who after a few releases on various labels Co founded the great label Inner Surface. Pär Grindvik. 2011
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