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The first four Firecracker EPs remastered and compiled on to one CD. Comes in a full colour gatefold CD cover with paste-in panels. Bacon Rolls poster. original EP1 sticker and coloured CD. All 12 tracks (and interludes) remastered from the first four EPs Special. limited edition. gatefold CD with paste-in artwork. Inserts including original sticker and Bacon Rolls poster.Essential for any Firecracker collector!
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2004 saw the birth of the Firecracker universe and the now legendary EP1. That record caused some serious collector chaffage back then with it's unique, cosmic beatdown sounds and incomparable packaging. Over the course of the next four years came the other, equally audacious EPs that now make up this oddball 'dance collection'. It's been described as 'slow motion jazz and disco infected house music with a bizarre, psychedelic twist'. Or, as one Japanese store chose to put it "Rhinoceros cosmic jazz! ... for the sophisticated dancefloor? yes, sir!" And for those keen to bandy about the term 'Outsider House' take note - these chaps have been at it for a decade. A remastered, timeless volume that comes in a full colour gatefold CD cover with paste-in panels, 'Bacon Rolls' poster, original EP1 sticker and coloured CD. One batch only KAPOOWWW! THWAACK! FIZZZ! and they're gone

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