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When You Come Face To Face With Brand New Lp The Aftermath On French Label Im:ltd. You May Find Yourself Bracing For An Audio Assault. As Most Functioning Human Beings Would Upon Reading Its Title. Sucking On Their Thumb Waiting For The Drops (be They Bass Or Bomb).
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Well, man up! The world ended already, and it wasnt swine flu, hardon colliders, or Nicki Minajs questionable taste for fashion and dildo collection that caused it, but some good old fashioned Dr Folamour atomic devices.. either way, you have made it to your bunker and survived. Filled with unusual chilled out vibes, soothing bleeps and synths, this contemplative album is now here to help you get through the loneliness and crappiness of nuclear fallout. Its time to get emo and nostalgic in the place now that you may be the last person remaining on earth.
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